Life's Abundance
Golden State Greyhound Adoption
These animals make wonderful loving pets. I've had the privilege first hand!
Second Chance Rescue.
(510) 267-1915
I think this is one of the best rescue facilities in the bay area.
Noah's Wish
(916) 939-9474

This is a disaster rescue organization and adoption. When hurricane Katrina hit, 100 volunteers were down there in two days. Good website for educating yourself on disaster preparedness for your home and animals and how to volunteer if you'd like.
United Animal Nations
 Not only rescues animals and places them in loving homes but should your pet require major surgery, they have a grant program that may pay for the entire vet cost.  I highly recommend checking out their web site.
For supporting adoption as first choice when selecting a pet.

I Support Pet Adoption

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Maddie's Mom who volunteers to rescue animals for shelters and the Humane Society of Marin and San Francisco, found Maddie one day along side the road with her two puppies.  Took her to the Humane Society of Marin and told her husband about Maddie and he said lets go take a look. A few days later Maddie had a home.  I had the privilege of being her pet sitter for over 5 years and am a better person for knowing her.  She'll be missed.

If you are considering adding a new pet to your home, please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue group.


Life's Abundance Pet Food

This is the best food you can feed your pets. Made by a female Holistic Vet Dr. Jane Bicks. For over 30 years she's dedicated herself to her practice to preventing illnesses in our pets by educating people about proper nutrition. In 1999 she started her own brand. it's delivered to your door via UPS and is the freshest you can buy. All products are made every 6 to 8 weeks, meaning nothing sits on a shelf or a tanker for months before it gets to your home. All organic, grain free and yummie! Dog tested, cats approved. She has her rescue/adoption site a must see if you're thinking of adding another furry member to your home. Household products that are pet and environmentally safe. Daily Supplements and treats of course! Go to Click on 'home' button and within two days it's at your house. Please email me with any and all questions concerning your pets food and or health I may be able to shed some light on a particular situation.


Holistic pet supplements and herbs
A very thorough compilation of homeopathic herbs and supplements to address pets' illnesses and diseases when nothing else works. Derived by a Veterinarian, it is a very impressive product line. Please check them out to see if there is another way of healing and caring for your pet's health, especially if you think there has got to be another way!