Life's Abundance

"This is not just a job,
its something I have to do"

My background is in the corporate structure, entertainment industry and the last career I had was a Travel Director for Corporate Incentive Travel. I conducted tours of our beautiful wine country (Northern California Bay area), Alcatraz and of course our beautiful city by the bay tours.

I am a mature female, single, no children. I think that is an asset as a pet sitter, nothing to distract me from the personal care and attention I give your home and your animals.

Being a pet sitter has been truly the most rewarding gift I could have ever received.

I did fall into it by accident and was trained by the best in the business. Not to my amazement, I always loved animals, but I realized I had a gift and sixth sense when it comes to living with animals and knowing what they need.

I've been in this industry since 2001.  I've learned a lot and from my 4 legged friends and it is truly a blessing to have them in my life.  I tell people who want to start this career that you have to put in 110% of your mind, body and soul if you are to do this the right way. We are not selling copy toner here, these are living breathing little trusting souls that depend on us to be there for them. You put all your personal issues aside when you walk in that house. They greet you with that wagging tail and big smile; just to go for a walk!  Now who could ask for a better job!

All four legged clients are my loves and my life. Some have been known as my "sweet peas." I enjoy their two legged friends as well!

"Thank you for letting me take care of the special members of your family."


Tara Liggett
The "Pet Nanny"

Why you should hire a professional pet sitter

When choosing to have someone come to your home and look after the special members of your family not to mention the home itself, please hire a professional pet sitter.  Having someone care for your animal for free is not necessarily the right way to go.  Professional pet sitters have dedicated their lives to their business and work 24/7 with animals which gives them a more trained eye about matters some people may not be able to recognize.  For example health and safety issues.  When you pay for something with measure you get it back ten fold.  Two professional pet sitter organizations are:  Pet Sitters International and NAPPS, National Association for Professional Pet Sitters.  You will establish a wonderful relationship with your pet sitter and your animals will love you for it!